Here The Connection Between Belly Fat And Diabetes


A trimmer middle is something most of us strive for, what we do not know is that a slimmer middle can lower your risk of getting 2 diabetes. Below is an explanation of diabetes and weight gain in stomach.Type 2 diabetes is the reduced body production of insulin by the pancreas and cell resistance to the insulin. Insulin allows cells to take their energy from the blood sugar. Fat tissue produces substances that reduce the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Fat tissue found around the abdomen has been associated with increased insulin resistance. High-fat tissue in the body equals to more insulin resistance.
Research from Public Health England indicates that the waist circumference is a better predictor of a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes than BMI. Studies also show that waist circumference is still a better predictor of type 2 diabetes compared to blood sugar levels and blood pressure.All is not lost though if you have a blasting belly. There is no real magic, and you must be willing to work hard. Exercise is a well-known means of shrinking visceral fat. You can choose to walk or cycle instead of driving, climb the stairs rather than using the elevator, dance or engage in strength training activities. However, spot exercises such as abnormal crunches will not reduce your visceral fat; they will only tighten the muscles so do away with them.
You can also lower your cholesterol by eating less saturated and Trans fat or cut back on all fat as studies show that eating more than 30% of calories every day can lead to excess visceral fat. Eat more soluble fibers from foods such as carrots, oatmeal, beans, and broccoli as these fibers as documented by a study by Forest Medical Centre in Carolina reduces visceral fats.

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